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Make your event a night to remember...

The Mirror X Photo booth is sure to be a hit with your next event, party, or wedding. As guests walk up to the full length touch-screen mirror they will be wowed! With its colorful animations and voice guidance invite them to engage in the magical and interactive photo booth experience. Each experience using the Mirror X can be customized toward your event by choosing from the colorful animations, entertaining voice guidance, games, video messaging, GIFs, emoji, and signing options. It will keep your guests laughing and entertained throughout the entire event. The first moment you lay eyes on the Mirror X, you will realize this is not your traditional photo booth experience. It is the next level of elite entertainment. When the event is over you and your guests will have printed keepsake to remind you of all the fun you had!

Mirror X

Stands over 6' tall which holds a 43" touchscreen display behind a body-length mirror. 


With the Mirror X you can print, email, and text your photos directly to you! The Mirror X is the newest photo booth on the street and is the most advanced in it's industry. By offering this completely unique and stylish experience, your event is sure to stand out as the event of the year! Book the Mirror X today!!!  


Have your choice of photo layout + overlay

The Mirror X doesn't just take one photo. Depending on your package there are a variety of layouts and templates, standard and custom. Our premium packages allow a customized overlay for your photos. The background can include your name and date of event too. We never put a limit on fun, which is why each package come with unlimited prints! After their session, guests are prompted to select the number of photos they would like to print!!

Send your photo right to your phone

Take advantage of our media-sharing feature! This feature which is included in ALL of our packages, allows your guests to text or email their image to themselves or others. No WIFI? No problem! We can send our booths with a mobile hot-spot.


Coming soon... social media sharing station!!


 Each package includes one backdrop of your choice. We also offer custom setup and backdrop options.

Sign your picture or decorate them with emojis

With the Mirror X you are able to sign or write a personal message on your photos, and stamp them with emojis!! This is one of the most exciting options the Mirror X has and it is offered in all of our packages. Guests will love the ability to personalize their photos with this unique and interactive feature by writing messages to you, by signing their name, or stamping their favorite emoji!!!

This option is unique and amazing, especially if you pair it up with our custom guestbook!

Amazing Props

Every package comes with our amazing selection of props! Props allow you to become someone different - for just a moment in time! You'll love our selection of hats, glasses, masks, and other high quality props!

Challenge your friends

The Mirror X offers a gaming package! We know what your thinking ... that's SO COOL! Who needs yard games during a cocktail hour... not this party! You can play social games right on the mirror like: tic-tac-toe, pong, connect four, and a lot of other games!!!


Every Mirror X package comes with a professional + enthusiastic on-site attendant!

The attendant is there to make sure everything runs smoothly and to help your guests with their Mirror X photo booth experience.

Remember this night forever

Our personalized guestbook will help etch this date in your mind for years to come! Premium package clients will receive a customized album of their guests photos and signed messages. This keepsake will be one that you will look back on often to remember your special day or event! Guests walk away from your event with their pictures in hand and you get a copy of each picture with guest comments at the end of the night!! 

Be anywhere ... Be anything

Dazzle your guests with an assorted array of high definition backgrounds.

The Green Screen effects allow us to place any high definition image behind your guests. If you are looking to glam it up or be anywhere with anything,  the green screen add on is what you want!

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